The Estate

The estate

Son Penyaflor is an estate on the side of a mountain where the ruins of Alaró Castle stand. Olive, almond and carob trees, pines and holm-oaks grow in its fields. In the orchard you can find fruit trees including lemon, orange, pomegranate, medlar and plum.

The estate’s origin dates back to the thirteenth century and the current construction is the result of several wise alterations, which, over time, have respected the beauty and sober nature so characteristic of Mallorcan possessions.

Son Penyaflor Agrotourism is located in some rooms in the old houses of the estate. The agrotourism area is set aside for accommodation and holding small events and weddings. There is also another garden area (which can be hired as an extra) exclusively for weddings.

The Legends

According to the legend, when there is a full moon, the witches of the castle cave fly between the two mountains of Alaró and Aucadena. According to another legend, the noble White Beauty from Es Ginebrar married the governor of Alaró Castle, despite her father’s curse, “Never will the blood of the loyal mix with that of the traitor; before that happens, the castle crag will crumble into pieces and even the stones will flower”. Since then, every year when spring arrives, the violets flower among the stones. The estate is called Son Penyaflor (flower crag) because of this legend.


The restoration of Son Penyaflor is part of the work of the architect Dr. Sebastián Gamundí..