The Son Penyaflor family

For our family, living here is a privilege and a way of viewing and experiencing life, in a setting where privacy, agriculture and tourism constantly intermingle and support each other.

At the private estate we constantly wonder how we can improve the well-being of everyone that at some point or other forms part of Son Penyaflor, whether it’s just for a few days or for a lifetime.

Our family continues working hard so that every stage becomes a new opportunity to convey, in new and better ways, our passion for Son Penyaflor.

  • To conserve and improve the natural, historical and cultural wealth of Son Penyaflor while
    representing the legacy of past generations and preserving its soul.
  • To highlight the value of the rural environment in a responsible, creative and non-invasive manner.
  • To impress our guests by exceeding their expectations. By immersing them in the unique style
    and culture of Son Penyaflor as part of an authentic experience that magically and productively
    persists through time..

The Son Penyaflor family
Tramuntana Mountains (World Heritage)