Authentic Mallorca Gift Guide

‘Sa Botiga Flor’ offers you the chance to enhance your experience at Son Penyaflor.

The double flower represents the beauty and well-being of everyone who forms part of Son Penyaflor, whether for a few hours, a few days or an entire lifetime.

The oil from the century-old olive trees on the estate, the collection of rural jewellery from Son Penyaflor that includes such iconic pieces as the unisex gold-plated and/or silver cuff links personalised with the initials and seal of the House.

Our Mèl.lera ceramics workshop, selling goods for charity…

Every product reflects our goal to offer the charm of the added value they bring, beyond the simple attractions of a historic place cared for with genuine respect and devotion.

Orders for individuals, events and companies. Only available at Son Penyaflor and online.


Son Penyaflor Rural Jeweller’s
Olive oil from Son Penyaflor
In-house ‘Mèl·lera’ Ceramics
Watercolor Collection
Gift Card