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‘Sa Botiga’ is a selection of wishes inspired by the hallmark of this emblematic estate, its surroundings and its history.

The house seal is a reinterpretation of the brand that we created more than 50 years ago to identify the sheep kept at Son Penyaflor.

Our logo, the double flower, symbolises our double commitment to provide beauty and wellbeing to everyone who spends time at Son Penyaflor, whether for a few hours, a few days or a lifetime.

The oil from the estate’s centuries-old olive trees, our ‘Branding Collection’ jewellery, the in-house collection of ‘Mèl.lara’’ ceramics, our best sellers, charity items, etc.

Together they express our aim of offering visitors the charm of the added value that they bring, beyond the simple attractions of a historic place cared for with genuine devotion.

We are guardians of the very essence of an ancestral tradition, helping it with care and passion to travel to new horizons.

By purchasing products from ‘Sa Botiga’ you are contributing to the sustainability of the natural landscape and cultural heritage formed by the Tramuntana Mountains (a World Heritage site).

Orders for individuals, groups, celebrations and companies.

Discounts on large orders.

Jewelry (Branding Collection)
Jewelry (Best Sellers/Branding Collection)
Olive oil from Son Penyaflor
In-house ‘Mèl·lara’ Ceramics
Watercolor Collection
Gift Card